Birmingham Daddy

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"Birmingham Daddy" is a country/hillbilly blues song recorded in November 1931 by Gene Autry as the B-side of "Rheumatism Blues". Roy Smeck accompanied Autry's banjo and vocals on steel guitar.

The song mentions the St Louis and San Francisco Railway which had service through Birmingham.

"Yonder comes a train, a Frisco train
Comin' down the railroad track
I'm a-goin' away, a-leavin' today
It ain't gonna bring me back
I'm a-leavin' you, good mama
An' I ain't never comin' back
I'm a-leavin' town, my baby turned me down
Goin' back to New Orleans
I'm lookin' for a gal, a brand new gal
I ain't never seen
I'm a-lookin' for me a mama
Lord, I ain't never seen
If love was liquor, and I could drink
I'd be drunk all the time
I'd go back to town, in Birmingham
With a loving mama go mine
I'd go back to Birmingham
With a loving gal go mine
If you got a good gal, a good ol' gal
You sure better keep her at home
Casuse a red-headed mama,
Yes, Sir, boy
I can't leave her alone
Yes, a red-headed mama
I sure can't leave her alone