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Birmingham logo.png

The Birmingham logo was commissioned by Mayor Larry Langford and unveiled on January 1, 2008 on the city's newly-redesigned website

Similar to a concept discussed by then-Jefferson County Commission president Langford and Mayor Bernard Kincaid in 2005, the new logo shows a cluster of skyscrapers (the AT&T City Center, Regions-Harbert Plaza, and Wells Fargo Tower) emerging from a magician's top hat with a banner reading "More Magic Than Ever". Langford's idea was to "capitalize" on the city's economic growth, both during the late 19th century iron and steel boom, which originally gave the city the nickname "The Magic City", and in the more recent transition to an economy based on medicine, research, banking, publishing and legal services.

The logo, which was executed by Big Communications, complements the city's official seal and is used on city letterhead and business cards as well as on the website and in promotional materials.

Birmingham News political cartoonist Scott Stantis parodied the new logo by replacing the buildings shown emerging from the magician's hat with stacks of papers labeled "La La Bonds" and "Debt" [1].


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