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Blue Ocean Technologiesis a provider of VoIP technology to the business marketplace, offering the latest in IP telephony, contact center software, and collaborative communication networking.

In 2006, Bill Pautler and Steve Guthrie saw the industry trending toward IP telephony but realized that traditional telephone companies would not easily make the leap from the old public switch telephone networks. Rather than going with the tide, Bill and Steve went against it by founding Blue Ocean Technologies and pioneering IP telephony solutions. Today, Blue Ocean seeks out the latest innovations in VoIP and data management to move its clients forward with technology that adds value to their services.

Early on, Blue Ocean’s customers began to turn to it for more than just their telephony needs. From those exchanges evolved Blue Ocean’s data management services, data security services, which include protection from viruses, hackers, and disasters, and Smart Choice Online Backup. Additionally, Blue Ocean will create, service, and maintain your company’s entire voice and data infrastructure including data switches, voice and data servers/circuits, firewalls, and network area storage.