Boyles Yard

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The Boyles Yards is a rail complex developed by Louisville & Nashville Railway and currently operated by CSX near Boyles Gap.

The old yard was located just northwest of Birmingham Municipal Airport off of Pinson Valley Parkway, while the current hump yard is in a wooded area east of Fultondale Elementary School.

The L&N originally developed its railyard at Boyles in 1909. A 36-stall roundhouse and turntable was constructed there, and was still used until the late 20th century. The turntable was preserved by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Summerville, Georgia.

The new yard was developed for $12 million on a 250 acre site north of the original yard. which continued to be used for receiving. A 190-foot hill was leveled and 2,400,000 cubic feet of earth and rock was moved and 93 miles of track was laid. The yard was dedicated on January 20, 1959 by L&N president John Tilford. Its computer-controlled automatic classification system had a capacity of 1,500 cars distributed onto any of five groups of eight tracks.