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Campbell, Gidiere, Lee, Sinclair & Williams was a law firm founded by Andrew Campbell with Caroline Gidiere, Brandy Lee, Thomas Sinclair, Wendy Tunstill and Miles Williams. Its offices were located at 2100-A Southbridge Parkway. A second office was located in the Blanton Building in Jasper.

The firm has represented Birmingham City Council president Carole Smitherman during the Jefferson County sewer scandal. It also represented Larry Langford during his transition into the office of Mayor of Birmingham and in the legal challenge to his place of residence following the 2007 Birmingham mayoral election.

In December 2007 Langford won the Council's approval to retain the firm to represent the city. The firm would charge the city $200-250 an hour with a cap of $150,000 per year. The Brooks Firm and Tiffany Johnson were also hired under the same terms.

In 2009 Campbell, Gidiere, Lee, Sinclair & Williams was acquired by Leitman Siegal and Payne. Campbell was a partner at LS&P before founding the firm.


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