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Cave 9 was a volunteer-run non-profit all-ages punk, hardcore, hip-hop, electronic and indie-rock venue located for most of its six+ years at 2237 Magnolia Avenue on Southside. It was founded by Aaron Hamilton and Angelica Hankins as a live-music venue which could be an all-ages, alcohol-free alternative to bars. From its opening on March 8, 2002, the club, which could hold 175 people, hosted live music almost every weekend night for a $5 cover. Its working motto was "We’ve got too much heart” (from a song by Huntsville's Pine Hill Haints).

In 2006 the club, officially known as Cave 9 Music and Arts Project, Inc., received non-profit status from the IRS. The board of directors consisted of Hamilton, director, William O Butler, Renee Clay, Jim Fahy, Ryan Hanson, and sound engineer Trent Thomas.

In 2008, Cave 9 became one of the venues where the non-profit Scrollworks organization began giving free music lessons to the community. It backed the creation of "Awesomefest" as an alternative to the label-sponsored Furnacefest at Sloss Furnaces. The venue also hosted film screenings, book trades, art and craft classes and exhibitions and dances as well as the occasional pot-luck lunch, flea market or punk-rock wedding.

In early 2009 the club vacated its original location and held a number of performances at Greencup Books before re-opening at 3607 1st Avenue South in Avondale. A March 9 show there, however, was shut down. Without a viable venue, the club shut down later that month.


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