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Cedric Stevens

Cedric L. Stevens (born c. 1959) is a former deputy chief of the Birmingham Police Department.

Stevens graduated from Jess Lanier High School in 1977 and completed a bachelor of science in business administration at Livingston University in 1981 on a football scholarship. He entered the Birmingham Police Academy in September 1985 and began patrol duty in the North Precinct in March 1986. He later served in the same precinct as a field training officer, as part of the department's FBI Task Force, on the Mayor's Office Division of Youth Services Gang Task Force, and in the robbery unit of the Detective's Bureau.

Stevens earned his Sergeant's stripes in 1994 and was moved to the West Precinct. He was made a lieutenant in May 1999 and reassigned to the East Precinct. After a little more than a year he joined the department's vice/narcotics unit and completed training at the U.S. Justice Department's DEA Commanders Academy.

Stevens returned to the North Precinct in January 2002 as commander of the evening shift. From there he returned to the Youth Services and Robbery units as a supervisor. In January 2009 he took charge of the police property room, data entry, identification, records and communications units with the rank of captain. He returned again to the North Precinct as commander in July 2011 and was succeeded by James Jackson when he was promoted to deputy chief of operations on June 7, 2018.

Stevens retired from the department effective September 13, 2019.


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