Charles Kilgore residence

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The Charles Kilgore residence is a house constructed in 1890 on Hackberry Lane near Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa. It was first built as a residence for Charles Kilgore, an engineer working for the hospital. In addition to his family, the house also accommodated students at the nearby University of Alabama.

Over time, the residence, called Kilgore Ranch, functioned primarily as a female student boarding house, with Anna Hunter, the school's first female professor, living there as a resident supervisor. The Kilgores stopped boarding students after the death of their daughter.

In 1976 the house was acquired by the University in a property swap with Bryce. Beginning in 1985 it housed the offices of Alabama Heritage magazine. In 2012 the publication moved to downtown Northport. The University put the house up for sale, planning to have it moved to make room for a new dining hall. After no buyers stepped forward, the house was demolished in May 2013.

Three Alabama Heritage staffers reported unexplained noises and a recurring apparition of an "African American woman in a turban and work dress" over a 24 hour period in mid-September 2008. The Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group recorded audio and video of unexplained phenomena during subsequent investigations.