Cottages of Lakeshore

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The Cottages of Lakeshore is a small housing cluster near the Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital in Homewood, which serves as temporary residences for the families of injured armed-services personnel participating in the Lima Foxtrot program. Groundbreaking was held on April 5, 2010, and the facility was dedicated on November 11 (Veterans Day) of the same year.

The $2.3 million project encompasses two three-bedroom cottages and four duplex units arrayed around a courtyard with a playground, arbor and fountain. Previously program participants slept in a dormitory which prevented their families from staying with them.

The project was developed by the Lakeshore Foundation and Capstone Development, which raised funds and solicited donation of materials and services with their Operation Lakeshore campaign. Dungan Nequette Architects provided the architectural design and Capstone's Cottage Builders division led the construction team.


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