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Danny Ray Miles (born Danny Mylar) is a convicted murderer serving a life sentence for killing Ronald White in a robbery kidnapping in 1975.

Mylar was given the new identity of Danny Ray Miles as part of the federal witness protection program. He had pleaded guilty to storing guns as part of a gun-running case in Ohio. He was moved first to Florida, and then to Birmingham, where he secured a bartending job at Pat James Tavern in Southside.

On the evening of November 3, 1975 Miles and Samuel Yarber were drinking at the Twenty-Ten Lounge. As most of the other customers were leaving, bartender Clarise Knabe became nervous about the pair's intent and asked White, another patron, to stay at the bar until the owner arrived to close. Soon later Miles and Yarber robbed the bar and forced White and Knabe to drive them to an isolated location in Bessemer, where they were murdered.

Yarber, convicted of shooting Knabe, testified against Miles in court and earned a reduced sentence. Miles continues to serve a life sentence for killing White. White's sister, Barbara Bearden co-founded the Victims of Crime and Leniency, a victims' and survivors' advocacy group.


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