Eagle Hotel

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This article is about the hotel on 2nd & 24th. For the high-rise hotel on 2nd & 17th, see Thomas Jefferson Hotel.
Eagle Hotel in the 1950s, with Star Super Market in the ground floor

The Eagle Hotel, later the Hotel Jefferson, was a hotel located in the 4-story Wood Building at the corner of 24th Street and 2nd Avenue North in the early 1900s. In 1903 it was operated by W. T. Newberry and offered rooms starting at $1 per day.

In 1909 the hotel, operated by J. B. Kennedy, charged $2 and $4 per day on the "American Plan" (meals included). It offered steam heat and private baths, and sent porters to meet all trains at the nearby Birmingham Terminal Station. It was the official headquarters of "Post B" of the Travelers' Protective Association of America.

By 1918, under the proprietorship of R. H. Borders, the hotel offered American Plan rates of $2 and up, and rooms on the "European Plan" (no meals) for 75¢.

The ground floor was later converted into a Star Super Market.