Five Mile Creek District

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The Five Mile Creek District was created in 2002 by the cities of Center Point, Tarrant, Fultondale, Gardendale, Brookside and Graysville. It began when the City of Tarrant’s Fire Chief William "Billy" Hewitt began looking to convert a dilapidated and flood ravaged mobile home park into a new city park. During this same time, Wendy Jackson of Freshwater Land Trust was looking to acquire land along the stream as part of the Jefferson County Greenways Program. A chance meeting between these two eventually lead to the establishment of the Five Mile Creek District.

The Five Mile Creek Greenway is a 16.5-mile trail system that follows the path of the abandoned Cane Creek Branch rail corridor that winds its way through northern and western Jefferson County.

Gardendale Mayor Stan Hogeland is president of the Five Mile Creek District.

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