Kent's Magic City Dining Room

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Kent's Magic City Dining Room was a home-style meat-and-three restaurant that opened in late 1989 at 2201-2203 3rd Avenue North.

Owner Kent Griggs decorated the dining room with advertising memorabilia, winning a Preservation Award from the Birmingham Historical Society in 1996. The restaurant was popular, counting Henry Panion and A. G. Gaston among its regulars.

Griggs was injured in an auto collision in July 1996 and was unable to continue operating the restaurant. It closed down and the signage and memorabilia were auctioned off.

Griggs' ex-wife was awarded ownership of the business in their divorce. She re-opened it under the same name, but it closed again within a year. Payne White leased the building in 2000 and opened the Magic City Grille.


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