List of Birmingham homicides in 1992

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This is a List of Birmingham homicides in 1992. It includes homicide cases occuring within the city limits during the calendar year. Note that not all homicides are ultimately ruled to be murder in courts of law.

1992 was a record year for homicides in Birmingham. A total of 148 cases were investigated, of which 7 were later ruled justified, leaving 141 for the year. Based on the 1990 census count of 265,968 residents, the homicide rate for the city was 53.0 homicides per 100,000 population for the year.


  1. February 8: The body of Nina Marie Mansour, 45, missing for four days, was found in a wooded area on the ridge of Red Mountain. She had been strangled and was left nude from the waist down, however there was no other evidence of sexual assault. No arrest.
  2. April 18: Benny Rembert, 35, a homeless man sleeping on Morris Avenue under the 24th Street Viaduct, was stabbed and dragged to a railroad track, where his foot was severed by a passing train. Malcolm "Ears" Driskill, Edward Earl Simmons Hardeman, Mark Hamilton Lane, and Christi Watson, members of Bill Riccio's Aryan National Front, were convicted of murder and sentenced to between 25 years and life in prison. Two others were found guilty of manslaughter (report)
  3. May 20: Candace Brown, 30, was found shot to death in the limestone quarry at Ruffner Mountain the day after a robbery at her home in Roebuck. Michael Jeffrey Land was convicted of capital murder and executed on August 12, 2010. Candace worked at Complete Health at the time of her death. (report)
  4. May 21: John Martin Huffman, a Birmingham Police Officer, was struck and killed on I-59 in Huffman while performing a traffic stop. The driver was found to be under the influence of narcotics and was convicted of manslaughter. As a habitual offender, she was sentenced to life in prison.
  5. June: Aileen Pruitt was found stabbed to death in the East Lake area. Jack Trawick was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. (report)
  6. October 9: Letitia Franks, shot inside her apartment in the Morton Simpson Homes in Kingston. Curtis Raymond Carlisle was convicted of the murder on August 21, 2007. (report)
  7. October 9: Stephanie Alexis Gach, 21, was abducted from the parking lot or her apartment and subsequently beaten, strangled and stabbed to death. Jack Trawick confessed to the murder and was convicted in 1994 and sentenced to death. [1]
  8. October 15: Annette Hogan, 65, died at Carraway Hospital 12 days after being shot at her home at 212 65th Place North when she went outside to check on her barking dogs. A bright orange Camaro or Firebird was seen leaving the scene. No arrest. (report)
  9. Shawn Roper, 19, was killed during a robbery on 3rd Avenue West. He was the brother of A. C. Roper, who was appointed Birmingham Police Chief in 2007. (report)
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  • Velasco, Eric (August 22, 2007) "Man convicted in 1992 Kingston slaying." Birmingham News.