List of homicides in 2014

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This is a List of homicides in 2014, including homicide cases reported throughout the Birmingham District. At least 108 homicides were reported in the area for the year Note that a "homicide" refers to the cause of death as determined by a medical examiner, not to the crime of murder as charged by prosecutors and determined by plea or trial.

Blount County

  1. January 13: Donald Clayten Whited, 66, was found dead inside a burning house on the 3900 block of Ebell Street in Oneonta. He was found with his hands tied and a gunshot wound. (report)
  2. February 8: Rhonette Harris Lyles, 77, was found dead in her home, which had been set on fire, on Moman Road in the Horton community. No arrest. A $10,000 reward for information leading to a conviction has been offered. (report)
  3. July 23: Ayatollah Khomeini Muhammad, 34, was shot to death at a home off Tawbush Road in Locust Fork. He had returned to the home after being removed earlier by Blount County Sheriff's Department deputies. No arrest. (report)
  4. August 17: Vanessa Christine Lee, 41, was found dead on the roadside near Fain and Davis Street in East Gadsden. Police had been searching for her after discovering evidence of violence during a check of her home in the Forest River Apartments on George Wallace Drive. Her boyfriend, Leon Marbury III, was arrested and charged with hindering prosecution, with additional charges likely. (report)
  5. November 3: Caleb Joseph Ryan, 24, was shot to death during an altercation with Blount County Sheriff's Office deputies responding to a domestic call at a home on Martin Road in Blountsville. A deputy was injured in the incident, which is under review by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.
  6. November 20: Clint Myrick, 28, was killed in a home on the 600 block of Kelsoe Road in Susan Moore. He had re-entered the house where he formerly lived with his girlfriend and threatened her with a baseball bat. After firing a warning shot, she shot him in the chest with a shotgun. ( report])

Calhoun County

  1. June 26: Marlin Monroe Jones, 55, died at Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center from a gunshot wound suffered as he was leaving a residence on the 3500 block of West 14th Street in Anniston. Lonnie Spinks of Hobson CIty was arrested and charged with capital murder. (report)
  2. August 17: Tracy Lynn Callaway Strange, 48, was beaten severely at her home the 1400 block of Penn Avenue Northwest in Jacksonville. She died soon later at Jacksonville Regional Medical Center. Richard Thad Pilkington, who lived with Strange, was arrested and charged with murder. (report)
  3. November 11: David McBrayer, 26, was shot to death by an officer of the Jacksonville Police Department after threatening them with a knife during an altercation at the Coliseum Apartments on Nisbet Lake Road. (report)
  4. December 19: Cordeira Romye Maxwell, 24, was one of two women found dead at the Super 8 motel off Alabama State Higway 21 near I-20 in Oxford. Jamie Edgar Gomez was taken into custody for questioning. (report)
  5. December 19: Misty Renea Lopez, 23, was found dead in the same incident.

Cullman County

  1. March 2: Britni Lynn Champagne, 32, was killed by shotgun blast at her home in the Berlin community. Her boyfriend, Patrick Wesley Stallings, was arrested at gunpoint at the scene and later charged with murder. (report)
  2. March 11: Hoss Wayne Benham, 1, died as a result of ongoing abuse, including being held underwater, forced to drink hot sauce, and subjected to apparent sexual abuse. His mother, Crystial Ballenger and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Brown, were charged with aggravated child abuse. (report)
  3. June 8: Raymond Earl Brooks, 59, was shot to death at his parents' home in Berlin. Jay Maynor, the father of a girl Brooks had been convicted of sexually molesting in 2001, was arrested and charged with murder. Maynor was also charged with attempted murder for firing at his daughter's current boyfriend. (report)
  4. December 27: An unnamed 51 year-old-male was shot to death by Cullman County deputies responding to a medical call on Meadow Drive in Holly Pond after he charged at them from the house carrying an edged weapon. The incident is under review by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. (report)

Etowah County

  1. February 2: William Meadows, 38, was fatally wounded by gunshot at his girlfriend's home at College Manor Apartments in Gadsden. He died later at UAB Hospital. Tyree Young and Dexter Harris were arrested and charged with capital murder. (report)
  2. March 8: Garry Alexander Stokes, 52, was found dead on the porch of his home on Hartford Street in Gadsden. A stab wound was found on his side. No arrest. (report)
  3. August 27: Amos Jackson, 53, was stabbed outside a home on Winona Street in Gadsden's Mill Village neighborhood and died from his wounds at Gadsden Regional Medical Center. William D'Angelo McKinney, who was dating a woman living at the house, fled from the scene but later turned himself in to face charges of murder and a previous report of domestic violence. (report)

Jefferson County

91 total


  1. April 25: A pedestrian was struck by a pick-up truck and killed on Forestdale Boulevard near Hedgewood Drive in Adamsville. The driver, Joseph Pool, 32, was arrested at the scene and charged with manslaughter. (report)


  1. April 26: A male victim was shot at Danny's Back Street Lounge at 810 4th Avenue North Bessemer during an argument, and pronounced dead at UAB West. A suspect was taken into custody at the scene. (report)
  2. December 6: Michael Devin Dempsey, also known as Devin Howell, 19, was shot while sitting in a car at the Y Food Mart at the intersection of Fairfax Avenue and Owen Avenue and died later at UAB West Hospital. He had exchanged counterfeit money for fake drugs while his mother took a spare tire in for repair and was shot in the resulting argument. Markey Jerail Evans was arrested and charged with capital murder. (report)


62 homicides. See List of Birmingham homicides in 2014 for details.


  1. July 22: Ronzell Jameico Duncan, 38, was found shot to death at his former home at 4927 Letson Street after an apparent robbery. No arrest. (report)

Center Point

  1. July 7: Agila Lee Flennory, 40, was shot to death at his house on the 900 block of 21st Avenue Northwest. His nephew was injured in the shooting. A suspect was taken into custody, but has not yet been charged. (report)
  2. October 29: An unnamed man died at UAB Hospital from gunshot wounds suffered on the 1800 block of Bond Circle Northeast. No arrest. (report)


  1. January 14: Lionel Williams, 35, was shot to death while allegedly attempting to rob two other men in a room at the America's Best Hotel on Kelco Place. One of the two robbery victims was wounded by gunshot. Three women, believed to have been accomplices, were taken into custody pending charges. (report)
  2. March 16: An unnamed victim was found dead after a shooting on the 500 block of 52nd Street. No arrest. (report)
  3. March 19: Megan Elizabeth Monroe, 22, was found burned in a fire behind a vacant home on the 500 block of 40th Street Fairfield. No arrest. (report)
  4. September 6: Dale Lamonica Eakins, 42, was shot to death on the 5000 block of Parkway. No arrest. (report)
  5. November 20: Marquittas Anthony Wyatt, 26, died at UAB Hospital from injuries suffered when his girlfriend ran over him with her car in the parking lot of the Fairfield Police Department. He had pursued her to that location after several confrontations earlier, and threatened her with a handgun. (report)


  1. June 25: Patrick Ken Geralds, 59, was found dead inside his home at 803 Grove Street. Chasity Cates was arrested and charged with murder. (report)
  2. November 22: Alice Denise Stinson was struck head-on while driving southbound on I-65. Michael Levi Westbrook of Grand Bay, Mobile County, was driving on the wrong side of the interstate and was charged with reckless murder. He turned himself in and posted bond. (report)


  1. June 28: Rashon Deidrenette Bester Epps, 29, was found shot to death in the parking lot outside her home on the 3000 block of Warringwood Drive. Her husband, Brian Darnell Epps, was reported to have been seen fleeing the scene. He was charged with capital murder, but remains at large. (report)
  2. September 23: Jose Raul Cardenas-Ramirez, 36, was found shot to death in a staff area of the Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort. Rayon Bartley, who had recently been fired from his job at the hotel with Hospitality Staffing Solutions, was charged with murder and arrested at a Greyhound station in Palm Beach, Florida. (report)


  1. April: Howard Arthur McKee, 66, was shot to death on the 1000 block of West Harlem Avenue. Romell Markee Cunningham and Kamal Dewayne Potts were arrested and charged with capital murder. (report)

Pleasant Grove

  1. September 6: Antwaunete Jackson, 29, was shot in the head and stomach at her home on the 300 block of 8th Street. She and her unborn child were killed by her husband, Kenyata Samuels, 32, who shot himself in the head during a stand-off with police. Jackson's 2-year-old daughter survived. (report)


  1. February 28: Natasha Renee Osby, 18, was killed in a vehicle collision on the 1300 block of Spring Street. The driver, Craig Yarbrough, had several outstanding warrants and was fleeing from a traffic stop when he lost control of his Kia Optima and crashed into a tree. He was hospitalized with two broken legs and later charged with reckless manslaughter. (report)


  1. October 17: Adam Ardett Madison, 28, was shot to death by an officer of the Warrior Police Department at a driver's license checkpoint near Warrior-Trafford Road. The shooting is under review by the Alabama Department of Investigation. (report)

Unincorporated areas

  1. February 9: Morris Hill Witherspoon, Jr, 23, was killed in a gunfight at 400 block of 19th Terrace Northeast in an unincorporated area of the Center Point community. The suspects, who fled in a small white car, where taken into custody for questioning. No charges have been filed. (report)
  2. March 16: Angelica Jones, 26, was shot to death at her home on the 500 block of McWaine Drive near McCalla in an apparent murder-suicide. Her former boyfriend, Eddie Bradford, 38, was found on the scene, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. (report)
  3. March 19: An unidentified male was found shot to death in a wooded area near Pratt Street and 3rd Street South just north of the Lipscomb city limits. No arrest. (report)
  4. April 5: Ricky Lamon Jones, 42, was fatally wounded by gunshot at his cousin's apartment on the 100 block of 14th Avenue Northeast near Center Point. The cousin's husband apparently fought with him and was wounded before firing the fatal shot. He was taken into custody for questioning, but no charges have been filed. (report)
  5. July 8: Tony Lee Brooks, 46, was found shot to death in the back yard of a home on the 2900 block of Nail Road near Warrior. His father-in-law is believed to have been the shooter, but no charges have been filed. (report)
  6. July 25: Alfonzo Minter, 48, an inmate at the Donaldson Correctional Facility, was stabbed to death. No arrest. (report)
  7. July 28: Deborah Diane Prater, 49, died at UAB Hospital from burns suffered in an assault at her home on the 4400 block of Nellie Anderson Street in Edgewater three days earlier. A former boyfriend, Michael Kennedy, was initially charged with attempted murder, with the charge upped to capital murder after she succumbed to her injuries. (report)
  8. August 2: Charles David Thomas, Jr, 20, was found shot to death on the 5100 block of Cherry Street in Booker Heights after an argument escalated into an exchange of gunfire. Tykee Smith surrendered to deputies and was charged with murder. (report)
  9. August 17: Vincent Lamarr Giddens, 47, died from a gunshot wound suffered on the 7400 block of Belgium Avenue near Brooklyn Street in Edgewater. Antonio Dewayne McIntosh admitted to shooting Giddens during an argument about a debt he owed. He was arrested and charged with murder. (report)
  10. October 1: Deltric Mills, 33, was found stabbed to death on the side of Alabama State Highway 269 near Short Creek Road. No arrest. (report)
  11. November 10: Lesley Carroll Woodman, 35, was found shot to death in her home on Batton Road in McCalla. Her house and a neighbor's house were burglarized. No arrest. (report)

Shelby County

  1. February 28: Jayden Allen, 19 months, was found dead in a burning car after a 1-vehicle crash on Alabama State Highway 119 at Kent Dairy Road in Alabaster. His mother, Sommer Nicole Wilford, was taken into custody at the scene and charged with reckless murder. (report)
  2. March 8: An unnamed male was shot to death by an Alexander City police officer responding to a fight outside the Huddle House at 4727 U.S. Highway 280. The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is reviewing the circumstances of the officer-involved shooting. (report)
  3. July 4: Johnny Lee Patterson, 65, was found dead off Looney Road in Columbiana. No arrest (report)

St Clair County

  1. January 4: Allan Jordan, 30, was shot to death at his home on Logan Martin Dam Road in a domestic argument. His girlfriend, Candice Buckhanon, was arrested and charged with manslaughter. (report)
  2. January 7: Marquette Cummings, 21, in prison for the 2007 murder of Conoard Norris, was stabbed to death during a fight at the St Clair County Correctional Facility. Another inmate, Timothy Gayle, admitted to stabbing him in the face, but claims he acted in self defense. (report)
  3. March 1: An unnamed male was shot and killed in an argument on 2000-2500 block of Dry Creek Road in Pell City. The shooter has been identified and taken into custody, but not yet charged. (report)
  4. January 7: Jodey Wayne Waldrop, 36, serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder of his infant son in Franklin County, was stabbed to death in his cell at the St Clair County Correctional Facility. The incident is under investigation. (report)
  5. June 20: David Campbell, 46, was killed by a gunshot to the chest at a home on Shoal Creek Valley Road in Ashville. The homeowner, John Barry Taylor, had an argument with the victim, who left and returned to the house. Campbell was found with a sheathed hunting knife on his belt, but otherwise unarmed. Taylor, who went to a neighbor's house to call 911, was taken into custody, but so far only charged with carrying a concealed weapon. (report)

Talladega County

  1. November 22: The body of Theresa Andrews Benn (also known by her married name, Theresa Dulaney), was found in the Jackson Shoals area of Choccolocco Creek. Her husband, Kevin Dulaney, told police he had dropped her off on Eastaboga Road early on the morning of October 19 to attend the Geico 500 at the Talladega Superspeedway. She was last seen walking along Speedway Industrial Drive toward the event before dawn. (report)

Tuscaloosa County

  1. January 1: A 45-year-old woman was one of two women killed when her car was struck at the intersection of McFarland Boulevard and 15th Street in Tuscaloosa. The other car entered the intersection on a red light. The driver, KiAnthony Davis, fled on foot. After determining that alcohol and reckless driving were likely factors in the incident, Davis was charged with murder and later turned himself in. (report)
  2. January 1: A 22-year-old woman was killed in the same collision.
  3. January 30: Frederick Lee Blakely, 40, was shot to death following a race with another driver on I-20/59 southbound. Their cars collided and came to a stop near Exit 100 at Lake View. The suspect and driver of the other car, Roderick Dale Washington, Jr, was taken into custody at the scene and charged with capital murder. (report)

Walker County

  1. October 21: An unnamed woman was killed in an apparent murder-suicide at the couple's home on Rufus Tubbs Road McCollum, just outside Jasper. (report)