List of interstate accidents involving dropped steel loads

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The sections of Interstate 20/59 and Interstate 65 which pass through downtown Birmingham have been punctured or otherwise damaged 14 times since 1988 by steel loads falling from 18-wheelers. No serious injuries have been reported.

1. January 4, 2005 - A truck overturned on I-20/59 near the Civic Center without losing the steel coil. A hole was made in the shoulder and concrete barrier. The interstate was closed overnight while a crane was brought in to right the truck and move it away.

2. March 18, 2004 - A truck lost a steel coil on I-20/59 near the Civic Center leaving five holes in the main roadbed that were covered with steel plates for five days before repairs began. Alabama Bridge Builders Inc. of Pinson was called in to do the work which took one week.

3. September 9, 1998 - A 22 ton coil punched 17 holes along a section of I-65 South after falling off a truck

4. March 18, 1998 - All four lanes of I-20/59 North were closed for five days when a 23 ton steel coil bounced down the interstate after falling off a truck.

5. August 25, 1997 - 11 holes were knocked in the pavement when a roll of coiled steel fell off a westbound truck on I-20/59 near 24th Street North.

6. June 5, 1997 - A 23 ton steel coil fell off a truck and partially unrolled on I-65 South near Greensprings Avenue. Several hours were spent cutting up the steel and loading it on trucks to haul away.