Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co.

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The Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co. was a commercial bakery located at 1501 1st Avenue North in the 1920s and at 1416 2nd Avenue South in 1930.

Loose-Wiles was founded in 1902 by Joseph Loose, who liquidated his stake in the newly-formed National Biscuit Co. and brought his brother, Jacob Loose and another investor, John Wiles, on board. The new company was based in Kansas City, Missouri, and opened a "Thousand Window" bakery, the world's largest commercial baking plant, in Long Island City, New York in 1912. Loose-Wiles was the manufacturer of Sunshine Specialties products, including Hydrox and Clover Leaf cookies. The company later introduced Animal Crackers and Cheez-Its.

In 1946 Loose-Wiles renamed itself "Sunshine Biscuit, Inc." It was purchased by the American Tobacco Company in 1966 and merged into the Keebler Company in 1996.