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MAX Transit Route 42 is a bus route serviced by the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority from Birmingham Central Station to Brookwood Medical Center. The current route schedule was established in May 2004.

Major stops along the outbound route include the Central Station, 20th Street at 11th Avenue South, 18th Street at 28th Avenue South, the Applebee's at Brookwood Village and Brookwood Medical Center. The bus also stops at Homewood High School at the end of the school day.

Major inbound stops include the Brookwood Hospital, the Applebee's at Brookwood Village, 18th Street at 28th Avenue South, 20th Street at 11th Avenue South, and the Central Station.

Weekday service is provided between 6:15 AM and 6:15 PM at 45 minute intervals. There is no Saturday service on Route 42.


In 1960 Birmingham Transit Company Route 42 also followed a Hollywood route, coming over Red Mountain on 18th Street from Five Points South as far as Mayfair Road, then east along Windsor Drive and south down Durham Drive to Lakeshore Drive. The route continued down Lake Shore as far as Howard College where it looped around Sherman Circle and returned along the same route.


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