Massey Business College

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Massey Business College (originally the Birmingham College of Business) was a chain of training schools for business-related skills which was chartered on December 10, 1886 with Charles Tingle and Richard Massey as incorporators. Massey took over in 1889 and reincorporated the school under his own name.

The college taught typing, shorthand, accounting, business law and similar courses to fill demand for clerical workers in the South's rapidly changing economy. It was located in the Elyton Block on the corner of 19th Street and 3rd Avenue North, with the entire second floor used as a study hall.

In 1905 the college moved to a newly-constructed three-story building at 2024 3rd Avenue North. The building's design, which allowed for a ground floor retail tenant, was re-used for five other locations across the south, including Montgomery; Richmond, Virginia; Jacksonville, Florida; and Houston, Texas.

The school closed in 1960.