Model Poultry Farm

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Photograph of the Model Poultry Farm

A Model Poultry Farm was constructed in Avondale Park in 1921 at the direction of the Birmingham City Commission. Its purpose was to demonstrate the most modern and efficient means of raising chickens for food in urban areas. The Commission hoped to encourage the practice as a means of benefitting the public by saving families money when compared to market prices for poultry and eggs. They calculated that if each of the 30,000 or so families in the city were to raise 12 chickens each summer for eating in the fall, that $90,000 could be saved from household budgets.

The model farm was designed to show all the most modern methods at about a fifth the scale of a commercial farm. It was managed by Miles Bradford and housed 100 white Leghorn hens, 10 cockerels and 350 baby chicks. Pamphlets on chicken-raising and henhouse construction were made available for visitors and Bradford was available during regular hours to demonstrate farming practices and answer questions.