New Pilgrim Baptist Church

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New Pilgrim Baptist Church is a Baptist church located at 708 Goldwire Place Southwest in Birmingham's South Titusville neighborhood.

The church was founded as 11th Street Baptist Church in 1900, and changed its name to St Luke Baptist Church in 1909. In 1929 it was renamed Pilgrim Baptist Church, which was modified to "New Pilgrim Baptist Church" in the 1940s. For most of its life, the church was located at 903 6th Avenue South.

Reverend Nelson Smith led the congregation for more than 50 years, marked by the congregation's involvement in the Civil Rights movement.

The present 1,200-seat sanctuary was constructed in 1979.

On June 30, 2013, the church began a $3.5 million project to add a gymnasium/fellowship hall and a new childcare center.



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