Spring Lake

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Spring Lake
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Birmingham neighborhoods
District(s) 1
Community Huffman community
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Area N/A
President Danny Robinson
Meeting site [[]], (map)
Meeting day 2nd Monday
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Spring Lake is a neighborhood in the Huffman community which stretches along the northerneastern edge of the city, across Edwards Lake Road from Roebuck. It was named for the 500-acre Spring Lake Farms estate owned by developer Robert Jemison Jr off of Springville Road at the headwaters of Five Mile Creek. Jemison sold 270 acres to Emmett Ware to be subdivided into 94 residential lots in 1947.

The neighborhood borders Fairmont to the southeast, Acipco-Finley and Thomas to the south, and Smithfield Estates to the west.

The new Huffman High School is in the Spring Lake neighborhood, as are Bradford Park and Eldorado Park. Students in the neighborhood attend Huffman Academy, Huffman Middle School and Huffman High.

The Spring Lake Neighborhood Association meets on the second Monday of each month at the Hooper City Recreational Center. George Lee is the neighborhood president, having succeeded C. Cooper Wright. Tessa Ward is vice president.