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TechBirmingham (officially the Birmingham Area Technology Leadership Alliance) is an alliance of leaders in the local technology industry. It was created in May 2002 on the recommendation of the Birmingham Area Technology Task Force. The organization's offices are located at Innovation Depot, and its president and CEO is Deon Gordon.

Its goals are to nurture existing technology businesses in the region, to attract new companies to the area, and to foster a healthy climate for tech businesses by attracting capital investment and economic development projects and partnering with businesses and governments in workforce training and development.

TechBirmingham sponsors "TechMixer" trade shows, periodic "Ecycling" days to collect old electronics for recycling, and holds a monthly "TechFriday" social event. It is a partner in the Entrepreneur Accelerator Program and is planning a "TechMixer University".

In 2016 TechBirmingham co-sponsored Sloss Tech, a technology conference coinciding with the Sloss Music & Arts Festival. TechAlabama was founded in 2015 as an affiliate of TechBirmingham.


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