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(Google Maps)


  • address (spaces must be replaced with "+")
  • city (defaults to "Birmingham")
  • state (defaults to "AL")
  • zoom (0-17, recommended 10-16, defaults to 15)
  • text (link text, defaults to "Google Maps")

710 20th Street North {{Locate_address_inline | address = 710+20th+St+N }}

Will display:
710 20th Street North (Google Maps)

| address = 710+20th+St+N
| text = 1817 3rd Ave. N

Will display:
(1817 3rd Ave. N)

Keep in mind that pointers based on a street address are approximate and occasionally wildly incorrect. You are encouraged to use the "Show preview" button and open the link in a new window or tab to confirm the location displays as desired.