Village Creek Greenway

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The Village Creek Greenway (or Village Creek Trail) is a proposed public trail following the course of Village Creek down Oppossum Valley from East Lake to Ensley. It was conceived through the development of the Village Creek Linear Park and Retention System Master Plan, taken up by the Freshwater Land Trust as the Village Creek Greenways Initiative (part of the Jefferson County Greenways Program), and incorporated into the larger Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System network.

The Village Creek Greenway project was dedicated on March 11, 2016 with the opening of W. C. Patton Park in North Avondale.

Village Creek Park

Main article: Village Creek Park

The Village Creek Human and Environmental Justice Society adopted a master plan in 2010 for a proposed Village Creek Park on 42 acres between Avenue V and McAlpine Park in Ensley, including Tuxedo Park.

The construction of the greenway through the proposed park, the first of 12 planned phases of park development, was carried out by the City of Birmingham and the Alabama Department of Transportation in 2018.



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