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The Jefferson County District Attorney is an elected official responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in the Jefferson County District Court (the 10th Judicial Circuit of Alabama). Since 1953 the county has two District Attorneys. The one elected to head the Birmingham Division also leads the overall Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, located in the Mel Bailey Criminal Justice Center. The Bessemer Division is headed by a separate elected official. As a result of a lawsuit decided in 2020, all registered voters in the county participate in choosing candidates for both offices.

The District Attorney's office participates in criminal investigations, including non-violent and organized crime, in law-enforcement operations and in multi-agency task forces. Prosecutors make determinations about when to bring charges, present evidence to grand juries, negotiate plea offers, bring cases to trial and represent the public in appeals. The department also conducts crime reduction and victims' assistance programs, issues opinions on legal matters affecting the county, and participates in various public safety initiatives.

District Attorneys

Birmingham Division

Bessemer Divsion


  • "Traffic Court And Defensive Driving School", offered to individuals charged with certain traffic offenses with an opportunity to complete a class and avoid a conviction appearing on their record.
  • "Jefferson County Drug Court", established in 1996, a diversion program for first-time nonviolent offenders experiencing addiction. Completion of the diversion program can lead to a dismissal of charges.
  • "Jefferson County DUI Deferred Prosecution Program", a program offered to first time DUI offenders under limited conditions. Completion of the diversion program can lead to a dismissal of charges.
  • "Jefferson County Veterans Treatment Court", a diversion program intended to support military veterans whose mental health or substance abuse issues have led them to commit crimes. Completion of the diversion program can lead to a dismissal of charges.
  • "Reset Jefferson County", a diversion program established in 2022 in partnership with the Hope Unity Fund, the Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, and the UAB Department of Psychiatry. First-time low-level offenders aged 18-24 are given the opportunity to participate in a restorative justice program, currently Literary Healing Arts, with the possibility of avoiding prosecution.
  • "Conviction Review Unit", provides a means for the department to re-assess cases in which new evidence may exonerate a convicted person under limited conditions.
  • "Victim Assistance Program", provides aid and support to victims of crime, including assistance with the cost of medical treatment and counseling.
  • "One Place Metro Alabama Family Justice Center" provides a range of social service to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • "Helping Families Initiative," intervenes to make a range of social services available to families whose situations cause school age children to be unable to regularly attend school.
  • Prescott House is an independent child trauma recovery center which partners with the department in conducting forensic interviews with children who are victims of or witnesses to traumatic crimes.
  • "Secret Safe Place for Newborns" operates under the Alabama Safe Haven Law to protect the welfare of newborn infants surrendered to the care of the state.
  • "Restitution Recovery Unit", the Department will assist in recovering delinquent court-ordered restitution in criminal cases under certain conditions
  • "Second Chance Jefferson County Hiring Fair," established in 2019 in partnership with the Alabama Career Center System and Workfaith Birmingham, supports criminal rehabilitation by helping those with prior convictions obtain employment


  • Faulk, Kent (June 30, 2020) "Alabama Supreme Court rules Bessemer Cutoff residents can vote in Jefferson County DA primary races." The Birmingham News

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