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Some open projects worth consideration:

Important community pages

To do list

Article suggestions

General needs

See also: Special:Wantedpages for unwritten articles with the most red links to them.
See also: Category:Stubs for articles that need expansion.
See also: Special:LonelyPages for orphaned pages that need links created to them.

Long-term projects


  • Generate aesthetically pleasing non-copyrighted maps for various topics (See 6th Congressional District of Alabama and Vestavia Hills for examples)
  • Possibly develop Google Earth layers for certain categories or lists (homicides, meat and threes, wallace rayfield buildings...).


  • Articles for each calendar day have been created (Thanks, Wheresdib!). Let's keep expanding them with important dates from new articles.
  • Begin creating articles for decades and years with links to specific topics (See 1901, 2005, etc.)