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The Brookwood Metroplex is a pair of five-story office buildings on the side of Shades Mountain in Homewood. The buildings are on Metroplex Drive, a short north-south road paralleling Brookwood Place, which connects Brookwood Medical Center Drive to Smyer Road / Cherokee Road.

Building One (One Metroplex) opened in 1974 and Building Two (Two Metroplex) was completed a year later in 1975. The two concrete and glass buildings are L-shaped, wrapping around a square courtyard, with entrance lobbies in the corners.

In 1999, brothers Chip and Keith Hazelrig, who had been involved separately in real estate for 20 years, worked together to buy the complex for $20 million. It is managed by the Hazelrig Realty Company.

The headquarters of ProAssurance, at 100 Brookwood Place, shares the same access.


1 Metroplex Drive

2 Metroplex Drive

4 Metroplex Drive


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