Nabors Branch

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This article is about the stream. For the community redevelopment project, see Nabors Branch community.

Nabors Branch is a small stream originating near Shadow Lawn Memorial Park and flowing westward through the Powderly community. The Seven Springs EcoScape has been developed adjacent to Faith Apostolic Church as a protective refuge for the endangered Watercress darter found in the stream in the 1990s. It empties into Valley Creek near the West Side Golf Course at Alameda Avenue Southwest.

Watercress darter (Etheostoma nuchale)
Habitats Glenn Springs · Nabors Branch · Roebuck Spring · Tapawingo Springs · Thomas Spring · Turkey Creek
Preserves Seven Springs Ecoscape · Turkey Creek Nature Preserve · Watercress Darter National Wildlife Refuge
People R. D. Caldwell (co-discoverer) · Larry Davenport · Mike Howell (co-discoverer) · Heron Johnson