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Open date, name

  • In Fullman's article, she states that Kostakis bought the restaurant "nine years ago" on the first day of December. Article date 1/13/1999, so 9 years from 12/1/98 is 1989. That article states that the restaurant has been around "over 4 decades", so 1999 - 40 = 1959. In Mrs. Fife's obituary, it states that she "and her husband owned and operated Fife Restaurant for 50 years" which would put it way earlier. 1989 - 50 = 1939. Also, the sign outside states "Fife Restaurant", but the phone book listing and Fullman's article calls it "Fife's". I just noticed that Mrs. Fife's obit calls it "Fife". --Wheresdib 07:25, 8 May 2008 (PDT)