Balkanize Now

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Balkanize Now

Balkanize Now: A Birmingham Compilation was a promotional album released on January 1, 1993 by Slacker Records.

Peter Loodwick took the cover photograph of music promoter Rebecca Davis modeling with a machine gun.

Track listing

  1. "Lot" by Shallow
  2. "Always and Forever" by Shallow
  3. "Orchard" by Godplow
  4. "Mr Scissors" by The Gristle Twins
  5. "Sunset" by January Myth
  6. "Memory" by January Myth
  7. "Goodnight" by We Are Naked
  8. "Under Me" by Ringo Levio
  9. "Take My Time" by 25th Century Quakers
  10. "Hypocrital Sinner" by Static
  11. "Seventeen" by Gravity
  12. "Load' by NAIL
  13. "Rubberneckers" by If A Met Z
  14. "Redneck" by Flemm
  15. 'Loss" by Michael Gay Naylor

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