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The Calera City Council is the legislative body for Calera. The Council is made of six seats, which are elected at large.

Previously, the city had five council districts. Prior to the 2008 Shelby County municipal elections, the city had redrawn district lines to account to the city's growth. After the election, the U. S. Justice Department sued the city, claiming it did not receive pre-clearance for the new districts as required. The Department was concerned that the new districts no longer had one that was majority African-American. Until the matter was resolved, those elected in 2008 could not be sworn in, meaning the existing officials continued their duties. After a year of negotiations, the city finally submitted a plan for six, at-large council seats with the Justice Department approved. Another election was held on November 10, 2009.

Current Council

Past Councils

2009 election results

The six winning candidates were Ernest Montgomery (206 votes), Chris Bunn (190 votes), David Bradshaw (123 votes), Mike Roberson (113 votes), Ed Gentry (106 votes), and Bobby Joe Phillips (104 votes). Failing to make the cut were Alan Watts (90 votes), Eric Snyder (79 votes), and incumbent Jerry Davis (43 votes).