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The Hoover Crescent Islamic Center (HCIC) is a 13,000 square-foot mosque or masjid owned by the Birmingham Islamic Society and located on a 6.5-acre site off Hackberry Lane in Hoover in the renovated former home of the Point of Grace Church. The center serves mainly as a location for prayers and youth activities, complementing the society's original home in the Rosedale neighborhood of Homewood.

The society purchased the church in 2006 and began plans for renovating it for their use. The Hoover City Council approved a zoning change on May 15, 2006. (The Hoover Planning Commission turned down an unrelated proposal to build an Ismaili Center at Sulphur Springs and Al Seier Roads in August 2007).

Hoover Crescent opened with a public open house and informational session on February 16, 2008.



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