Newsome's Ice Cream Parlor

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Newsome's Ice Cream Parlor was a cafe operated by theater owner H. M. Newsome at 1921 3rd Avenue North from at least 1910 to the 1920s.

Newsome purchased the adjacent Bonita Theater in 1913 and refurbished it into the Rialto Theatre two years later. The design of the remodeled theater incorporated an orchestra balcony with openings through the wall so that the music could be heard from the refreshment room.

The ice cream parlor employed young "table boys" as servers. Photographer Lewis Wickes Hine visited the shop in 1910 to photograph some of the boys as part of his work for the National Child Labor Committee presented at the 1911 National Child Labor Committee Conference in Birmingham.

The ice cream parlor was later converted into the Rialto Tea Room.