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Pat Morrow in 1989

Pat Morrow (born March 11, 1947) is the former band director of Homewood and Hoover High Schools and the former spokesman for Hoover City Schools.


Morrow grew up in Gadsden, graduating from Emma Sansom High School in 1965. While he was very interested in music as a child, he pursued a degree in electrical engineering his first year at Auburn University. After completing his freshman year, he had a bad experience with a summer job and decided to make a career in music. He selected the trombone as his instrument for proficiency as a music major and received his degree in 1969. He later got his master's degree in school administration at the University of Alabama.

After graduation, he became assistant band director for Rip Reagan at his alma mater, Emma Sansom High School in Gadsden. Morrow became band director upon Reagan's retirement.

In 1975 Morrow began 20 years as band director at Homewood High School, which had approximately 35 students in its band at the time. During his tenure, the band became the first Alabama marching band to participate in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Tournament of Roses Parade, and the St Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland. When Morrow departed, the band had approximately 170 students.

After former Homewood principal Jack Farr became assistant superintendent for Hoover, he convinced Morrow to become the band director at Hoover High School in 1996. After leading Hoover High's band for five years, Farr again talked Morrow into changing jobs, this time into the role of Hoover City Schools' spokesperson, replacing the retiring Anne Bishop in 2001. Despite his job change, Morrow was still in charge of organizing Hoover High's band trip to New York City for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks there.

In July 2007, Morrow retired from education. He has continued his musical career through church choirs and bands, particularly as orchestra director at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church. In January 2009, Morrow was inducted into the Alabama Music Educators Association's Hall of Fame, which had been started just the year before.

Preceded by:
Freddie Pollard
Homewood High Band Director
Succeeded by:
Ron Pence
Preceded by:
Hoover High Band Director
Succeeded by:
Harry McAfee


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