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Birmingham neighborhoods
District(s) 7
Community Southwest community
Population 997
Area N/A
President Della Wright
Meeting site Southwest Community Center, (map)
Meeting day 2nd Tuesday
Neighborhood map Riley-Travellick

Riley-Travellick is a neighborhood in the Southwest community of Birmingham. The neighborhood is bounded by Midfield on the west, by Lawson State Community College and Grasselli Heights to the south, by 31st Street Southwest and the Jones Valley neighborhood on the east, and by Cleburn Avenue and the Green Acres neighborhood to the north.

The Riley-Travellick Neighborhood Association is headed by Della Wright, with Maureen Nollie as Vice President and Annette W. Taylor as Secretary. The association meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Southwest Community Center on Hickory Avenue Southwest.


Travellick (originally Trevillick) was developed in 1888 as a community of low-cost worker's housing by the Beneficial Land and Improvement Company, headed by members of the Knights of Labor. The nearby community of Powderly was developed simultaneously and the communities were named for Richard Trevillick and Terence Powderly, two of the Knights' national leaders.

The original Trevillick lots were 50 feet wide by 120 feet deep and were sold only to members in good standing. Lot owners received stock in the development company, which organized neighborhood businesses as cooperative ventures.

During the 1990s illegal drug distribution in the Riley area was controlled by the Insane Gangster Disciples, using a house on Maple Avenue as a central hangout.


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