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The following discrepancies were noticed during research.

  • One article has her 21 years old when she was crowned, the rest have her at 20. (I went with 20 because it matches the birthdate in the Folse article)
  • One article has "English" as the Kress manager, another has "J. C. Inglis". (I went with Inglis because it had more detail and "English" would be easy to mishear)
  • The date of the coronation varies between May 7 and May 8. I don't know why I used the latter, even though the Vulcan article has the former. I guess to spur me to actually find an authoritative source someday.
  • One article has her crowned by Erskine Ramsey, another by George Ward (I went with Ramsey because Kemp seemed to be looking at a photo caption from a contemporary news item)
  • Its unclear whether she went to business club luncheons as a candidate or as a winner. I went with the majority.

- As always, corrections and added details are welcome. --Dystopos 20:53, 10 October 2007 (PDT)