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For the contemporary publication, see Birmingham magazine.

The Birmingham Magazine was a monthly publication which served as the official organ of the Business Men's League and the City of Birmingham. It later represented the Birmingham Ad Men's Club, the Jefferson County Board of Revenue, and the Building Owners' and Managers' Association. Its first issue was dated August, 1915 and three issues were distributed that year. The fourth issue, under new management, appeared on January 20, 1916.

For 1915, the publisher was C. W. Roberts Company with Colie W. Roberts as editor and manager and Winnie Davis Roberts as associate editor. Bossie O'Brien Hundley, Alma Rittenberry and Sam H. Fowlkes were department editors. Cicero P. Roberts was assistant manager, and Clarence Exum and Frank S. Rae were advertising representatives.

Beginning in 1916 the publisher was The Birmingham Magazine Publishing Company with offices in the Chamber of Commerce Building. Frank Rae became editor and manager with associate editor E. B. Beason and assistant manager Frank T. Downey. Hundley, Rittenberry and Fowlkes retained their positions as department editors and were joined by W. P. Gunn, T. P. Hay, Jr, and Franklin Tonsmeire. H. Gutermann took over advertising sales and Charles Koops was hired as staff artist.

The stated purpose of the magazine was to "increase the business and sale of Birmingham and Alabama products". It was printed and bound by the Birmingham Printing & Binding Company.

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