Vulcan's Prophecy

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Vulcan's Prophecy is a short verse composed by English mine engineer John Henry Adams which was reproduced on a dedicatory plaque displayed along with the Vulcan statue as part of the Alabama Mineral Exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St Louis, Missouri in 1904.

The verse was popularized on a postcard, entitled "Vulcan's Prophecy", published by Mrs C. W. Temerson, proprietor of the gift shop at Vulcan Park.

Just as my statue towers above the sons of earth, so shall the district, from whose breast the ore and coal were torn and fused to give me birth, exceed all others in "Times March". For o'er and o'er nature hath flung her treasures with a generous hand, and Birmingham sits enthroned. Both hemispheres can draw on her; the mineral wealth of every land is there allied to rule the world in future years.
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