1910 Census Jubilee

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The 1910 Census Jubilee was a two-day event held November 22 and 23, 1910 in celebration of the positive result of economic growth and the Greater Birmingham annexation of surrounding suburbs on the population of Birmingham. The number of city residents was recorded as 132,685 in the 1910 United States Census, a 245 percent increase from 38,178 in the 1900 census.

With the newly-increased population, Birmingham immediately became the third-largest city in the former Confederate states. The effect in the national press was immediate as journalists referred to the city as a "fast growing metropolis" in extolling the industrial capital of the New South.

The event coincided with the 1910 state conventions of the United Confederate Veterans and Sons of Confederate Veterans, prompting organizers to expect as many as 25,000 visitors to the city.

In addition to the parades organized by the veterans groups, the city hosted a Floral Parade with 100 decorated automobiles, a Grand Civic Parade with floats "emblematic of Birmingham", nightly fireworks displays at Capitol Park, airship races at the Alabama State Fairgrounds, and a ball at the Birmingham Country Club in Lakeview Park.


  • "Birmingham celebrates her growth of 94,270 people in 10 years, an increase of 245.4 per cent." (November 1910) Jemison Magazine Vol. 1, No. 7