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The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is the primary state health agency for the state of Alabama. Alabama law designates the State Board of Health as an advisory board to the state in all medical matters, matters of sanitation, and public health. The department is located at 201 Monroe Street in Montgomery.

During the latter part of the 18th century, medical leaders in Alabama advocated constitutional authority to oversee matters of public health. The purpose of the authority was to develop a system of hygiene to preserve and prolong life; to plan an educational program for all people on the rules which govern a healthful existence; and to determine a way for enforcing health laws for the welfare of all people.

The State of Alabama is divided into 8 Public Health Districts. Each Public Health District Office is overseen by an District Health Officer or District Administrator. District Offices are responsible for developing public health services and programs specific to the needs of each area.

Public Health Districts

Public Health Districts

  1. East Central District
  2. Jefferson County
  3. Mobile County
  4. Northeastern District
  5. Northern District
  6. Southeastern District
  7. Southwestern District
  8. West Central District

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