Alabama Economic and Industrial Development Amendment

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The Alabama Economic and Industrial Development Amendment, previously called Amendment No. 772, was an amendment to the Alabama Constitution of 1901, later incorporated as Article IV, Section 94.01 of the Alabama Constitution of 2022.

The amendment gave certain county and municipal governments the authority to use public funds to sell public property, to lend their credit to private businesses, or to issue debt for economic development purposes.

The amendment was ratified by voters in the 2004 general election, having been placed on the ballot as a result of the passage of Act of Alabama 2004-94, sponsored by Representatives Nelson Starkey (D-District 1) and Lynn Greer (R-District 2).

Act of Alabama 2022-286, placed on the 2022 general election ballot as "Statewide Amendment 7", expanded the provisions of Amendment 772 to all counties and cities and relaxed the requirements for public notice. That amendment was sponsored by Representative Jeff Sorrells (R-District 87).

With the adoption of the recompiled Alabama Constitution of 2022, Amendment 772 was incorporated as Article IV, Section 94.01.


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