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Audiostate 55 is a recording studio located at 4 55th Place South in Woodlawn. The studio was founded by Ross Roberts as Front Row Productions, and used by Roberts as the main production facility for his record label, Vent Records. The Vent label carried such artists as Topper Price and Dick's Hat Band.

Roberts changed the name of the studio to Audiostate 55 after several years. The studio was purchased on April 26, 2006 for $350,000 by Henry Panion's ComPanion Enterprises.

The studio hosts educational programs through Panion's company. A Music Technology Program for Home Schoolers is designed to acquaint school-age kids with music and recording technology with hands-on experience. An after-school program, called the Music Alternative Project will provide an introduction to the entire music industry, and is supported by former American Idol Ruben Studdard.

Studdard also plans to record tracks for his third album at Audiostate. The studio would be made available to students at no cost, with expenses offset by professional bookings, production and post-production work. Support from Operation New Birmingham and Main Street Birmingham has helped fund the project.

On October 30, 2007, Panion announced that the studio would start its own record label, Audiostate 55 Entertainment!

Notable recordings

Audiostate releases


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