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The Birmingham Apple Core (BAC) was a Macintosh users' group based in the Birmingham area. The group met the second Saturday of the month at the Homewood Public Library. Informal meetings were held every Saturday in the Brookwood Village food court. Village Computers was a popular hangout for many members of the club in the 1980s. Club members shared tips and techniques with each other on how to get the most out of their systems.

BAC was founded in 1978 primarily as an Apple II users' group. The group published a monthly newsletter called The Peel, which was made available online two months after publication. BAC also had an Instructional Media Library which contained CD-ROM tutorials on numerous software titles that group members could rent. The group also published a "CD-DOM" (Disk of the Month) which contained shareware and freeware Macintosh programs along with other information.

After the opening of the Apple Store at The Summit in 2007, membership in the users' group began to drop off. Older members continue to meet informally at Brookwood Village.


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