Birmingham Distilling Co.

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1903 view of the Birmingham Distilling Co.
1902 Sanborn map detail showing the Birmingham Distillery Co.

The Birmingham Distilling Company was a corn whiskey manufacturer located at 1300 7th Avenue North in Birmingham in the early 1900s before prohibition. It was incorporated in December 1900 with T. J. Dusenberry as president and Thomas Peake as distiller and engineer. Construction of the distillery on a 100 by 190-foot plat adjoining the Frisco Railway began in April 1901.

In 1902 the company advertised its "Old Jones Valley Corn Whisky". The distillery was described in 1903 as, "one of the finest equipped and most thoroughly up-to-date distilling plants in the South." Dried corn was ground into meal and mixed with water from a 188-foot deep well dug on site, and with spent beer from previous batches, and left to ferment in large tanks. The resulting "beer" was drawn into a well, which was tapped for the still where it was boiled into "low wine" and dropped into a copper doubler to produce whisky. The plant's excess spent beer was used to fatten cattle.


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