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Birmingham Rail & Locomotive is a manufacturer of railroad spikes, rails, and switches, and a rebuilder and seller of locomotive engines and parts. It was founded in 1899. In 1900 the company won a bid to supply two miles of steel rail for a Colombian banana plantation, establishing its competitiveness with other suppliers.

The company is owned by Carlisle Jones. It is headquartered at 5205 5th Avenue North in Lipscomb.


  • Crane Rail and Accessories: supplies and distributes overhead crane rail and fasteners
  • Houston Rail & Locomotive: services customers from Houston, Texas
  • Locomotive Division: rebuilds and repairs locomotive engines and equipment and sells rebuilt parts
  • Relay Rail: supplies rail material for industrial, mining and temporary track customers
  • Southeastern Frog and Switch Corporation: manufactures switches, turnouts, and related items for a variety of rail sizes.
  • Vulcan Spike: manufactures track spikes

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