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Birmingham Trance Underground is a Birmingham-based producer and promoter of electronic music and music programming which is broadcast over the internet at The group was founded informally in January 2004 by Fitzpatrick, Oneel and Lavender, who were soon attracting as many as 100 fans to their regular events at "Club de Lavender". In 2005 they began booking acts to play inBirmingham.

They launched in February 2006 and BTU Recordings soon followed with the release of Fitzpatrick's "Interstate Traveler" EP. After one year online, BTU's weekly podcast is distributed to over 30,000 international subscribers. They celebrated their first anniversary with a DJ party at WorkPlay.


  • Fitzpatrick (2006) "Interstate Traveler." BTU 001
  • Jackin (2006) "Jackin's Liquefaction Remixes." BTU 002

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