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The Brandino Brass Co. is a supplier of residential and commercial door, window and cabinet hardware. It was founded as the Brandino Sales Company in 1948 by former Vaudeville magician Tony Brandino with support from his father-in-law. He convinced his brother, Paul to move south and join the growing family business. Eventually the company opened a 10,000 square-foot warehouse in downtown Birmingham. In the 1970s, Tony closed the warehouse to focus on representing manufacturers directly, with most of the business conducted from his vacation home in Destin, Florida. A retail shop for brass furnishings and accessories operated at Loehmann's Village in Riverchase in the 1980s.

Buster Brandino and his son, Eric reopened Brandino Brass at 2824 Central Avenue in Homewood after Authentic Brass closed in 2009. In addition to high-end door, cabinet and shutter hardware, Brandino Brass sells fireplace accessories, lighting and mailboxes.


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