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This article refers to the former Jefferson County municipality. For the former Tuscaloosa County municipality, see Brownville, Tuscaloosa County.

Brownville is a former incorporated municipality southwest of Birmingham.

Brownville was incorporated prior to 1887 and had a reported population of 2,244 that year.

The city grew quickly during the 1970s, from 501 residents in 1970 to an estimated 2,470 in 1977. The rapid growth strained the city's ability to provide services, giving rise to a proposal to merge into the city of Birmingham. Gwendolyn Cook headed the Citizens for the Merger of Brownville with Birmingham.

A referendum was held in August 1981, with residents of the city voting 435 to 223 in favor of annexation.

Brownville was incorporated into Birmingham's Community Participation Plan as a new community divided into two neighborhoods: East Brownville and West Brownville.

Former Mayor Antris Hinton was elected president of the East Brownville Neighborhood Association, meeting at Galilee Baptist Church. Cook was elected vice-president.



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