Building on a Vision

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Building on a Vision book cover.jpg

Building on a Vision is a commemorative book by Virginia Fisher which presents a chronological overview of the first 50 years of Medical Center development at UAB. It was published in 1995 by Birmingham's Crane Hill Publishers.

Over 200 pages in length, the volume contains 352 photographs. A narrative at the beginning of each chapter provides a historical framework for placing the photographs in context. Excerpts from oral history interviews with individuals who made and lived Medical Center history animate the narrative. A chronology supplements the text and photographs and provides capsule information about developments and milestones. Two appendices, an index, and a bibliography, together with other elements, help make Building On A Vision an entertaining photographic history and a valuable reference tool.


  • Fisher, Virginia E. (1995) Building on a Vision. Birmingham, Alabama: Crane Hill Publishers ISBN 1881548147